The Abus Steel-O-Chain 5805K is a 75cm chain lock made from specially-hardened steel, offering flexible and secure bike protection suitable for areas with a low risk of theft. With a protective textile sleeve to avoid damage to paintwork, it's particularly appropriate for cyclists needing to secure their bikes to objects such as sturdy bike stands, lamp posts, or steel railings. This easy-to-use lock requires only one end of the chain to be inserted into the barrel head using the provided key.


  • 75cm long, 5mm thick chain links made of specially-hardened steel
  • Protective textile sleeve covering chain links prevents paintwork damage
  • Highly suitable for securing bikes in low theft risk areas
  • One end of the chain needs to be locked into the barrel head, ensuring easy operation
  • Compatible with Abus frame bags: ST 2012, ST 2200, ST 2250, ST 8130 L (sold separately)
  • Keys are replaceable, ensuring continued use even in case of lost or damaged keys


  • Product Name: Abus Chain Steel-O-Chain Key 5805K - 75cm x 5mm Black - No Bracket
  • Material: Specially-hardened steel
  • Color: Black
  • Locking Type: Key (keys supplied)
  • Abus Security Level: 5
  • Chain Length: 75cm
  • Chain Link Thickness: 5mm (square)
  • Lock Weight: 590g
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany

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