The Big Lunch V 2.70 is a versatile, roll-top hip bag that converts into a handlebar bag, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Now with an updated magnetic Fidlock Slider buckle, it offers less fiddly operation. The waist straps tuck conveniently behind a mesh panel for a bounce-free attachment when used as a handlebar bag. Simply choose your favorite fabric, attach the bag, and enjoy your ride!


  • Convertible design: Can be used as a roll-top hip bag, handlebar bag, or cross-body bag
  • New magnetic Fidlock Slider buckle for easy access
  • Waist straps can be tucked behind the mesh panel for conversion
  • Comes with Voile Nano Straps and headtube strap for solid, bounce-free attachment
  • Floating liner design increases water resistance
  • Capacity varies from 1-4L when rolled down to a maximum of 9L when unrolled


  • Capacity: 1-4L when rolled down; up to 9L when unrolled
  • Fabric: Various (user-selected from FABRICS PAGE)
  • Buckle: Magnetic Fidlock Slider
  • Straps: Voile Nano Straps and headtube strap included
  • Water Resistance: Increased by a floating liner
  • Dimensions: Approx 30cm wide, 10cm deep, 20cm tall when rolled down. Total height when unrolled is 40cm.

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